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What if Business for Good .. Just became Business?

Ditch the labels… let’s just make Business for Good.. the new “Business”

I had the great pleasure yesterday of being interviewed on the “Cred – I’m still learning Podcast” yesterday. (you’ll have to wait for the edit to drop) It was a great experience to be on the receiving end of the podcast interview and have a few questions fired off at me about what I’m up to.

One of the points that stuck with me; and tends to for a few days every time it comes up is this notion of having to meet some sort of criteria or benchmark to be deemed a social enterprise. Like 50% of all profits minimum must be given away or something similar. As we discussed it yesterday on the podcast; what’s with all the labels?? My thoughts are; why can’t we ditch the labels and simply make social enterprise or as I like to call it with my B1G1 mates .. “Business for Good”; why can’t this just become the norm for business in general. What if in schools and universities and in start up incubators and accelerator programs and the coaching space (etc etc) we engaged people that Business 101 is to have a purpose that is bigger than yourself; and to align your brand and product ramp with achieving that purpose.

It make’s sense to do business for good, right. Like my mate Harvee Pene says; looks at brands like Toms shoes, Patagonia; Who Gives a Crap; Thankyou, Zambreros, Koala Mattresses, Outland Denim. A snapshot of amazing brands out there that are enjoying huge commercial success; all whilst making an impact in a way that works for them.

Yes, greenwashing is real, and an issue; however I feel that the savvy consumer these days can spot it. People are doing more research into the brands they are connecting with; and will catch them out in the end. I tend to not worry about it.. the boy who cried wolf got caught out in the end.

In addition to business for good simply making good business sense; the opportunity for collaboration opens up to us when we are looking to our social or impact driven objectives. Partnerships form and the “I” becomes a “WE” really quick and is WAAAAYYY more powerful. Not to mention what impact driven kpi’s do to get a team working well and on fire. You want to engage a team…give them a shared purpose they have input in creating and watch what happens.  It’s pretty epic.

And this is exactly what we have set out to do with Sip4Sip Coffee. Yes, we’re looking to build a profitable business and yes looking to ensure the business is financially sustainable; however the primary focus of our brand is to get to 1 Million Days of Water for people in need by end of 2023. So telling our story all of a sudden becomes a great mixed bag of the beans and the impact and how they work together to make Sip4Sip Coffee what it is. Yesterday I had the pleasure of telling a customer that thanks to their continued support of Sip4Sip Coffee they had personally contributed 1,560 days of water for people in need.. simply by enjoying our great coffee. Now that is pretty cool if you ask me.

We do call ourselves a Social Enterprise…. However; I’m more and more shifting that description to simply a business… an online business that makes a difference in the world.

Keep being awesome Sippers!



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